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Security, emergency preparedness and crisis

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences shall be a safe place for students and employees. Therefore, we feel that it is important to ensure good security in daily life, prevent incidents and be well prepared so that we can act quickly in critical situations and crises. 


We will carry out active and good quality security work on a daily basis. Through this, we will ensure security for employees and students, ensure physical safety on our premises, have good IT security and information security. 

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Emergency preparedness 

We must be prepared for the unexpected. As a result, we can prevent adverse incidents from occurring and be able to manage them if and when they do occur. 

The University has an overarching plan for civil protection and emergency preparedness that provides principles for our emergency preparedness and clarifies roles and responsibilities. 

We conduct risk analyses to identify the events that will most likely affect us, and implement measures to reduce risk. 


Crises can be defined as acute and unexpected incidents of a particularly serious nature that have serious consequences for the university’s operations or reputation, employees and students. 

We have developed plans for how crisis situations should be managed. 

Emergency numbers

Fire 110

Police 112

Ambulance 113

Høgskolens krisetelefon 04315