Environment, health and safety (EHS)

INN University works systematically in taking care of environment, health and safety for staff and students. We have developed an EHS system that encompasses all parts of our operation. 

Our EHS work shall, among other things: 

  • contribute to a health-promoting work environment characterised by inclusion and diversity. 
  • ensure that the requirements of the Working Environment Act are met. 
  • contribute to a binding interaction between managers and employees. 

In the EHS work, we carry out risk assessments to identify undesirable incidents that may occur, assess the risk associated with the incidents, and prepare preventive and harm-reducing measures. 

We have an established safety service in the organisation with safety representatives both centrally and locally. 

In line with the Working Environment Act, we have established a main Working Environment Committee, as well as local working environment committees. 

Students and EHS 

In some cases, students are covered by the provisions of the Working Environment Act and will thus be covered by the institutional EHS system. Students then have the same rights and obligations as employees. This applies to teaching and studying under conditions that may involve danger to life and health, such as work in laboratories and work with machines and in workshops. 

In the students’ daily academic situation in reading rooms, in auditoriums, classrooms or the like, the provisions of the Working Environment Act do not apply. § 4-3 of the Universities and University Colleges Act describes how the physical working environment for students is to be designed.