Evaluations and surveys

Evaluations form a central part of INN University's quality work.

Several evaluation schemes provide up-to-date information on various parts of the operation. The information is returned to those responsible for the study programmes, is used to ensure and further develop the quality of the study programmes.

The boxes above show the way to reports for Programme start survey og Periodic evaluation of  programmes of study.

Other reports and results from various evaluations are made available under Documentation (Norwegian only).

Evaluations at the study programme level

  • Course evaluation
    Evaluation shall be conducted for all courses. The study programme committee shall decide on the type of course evaluation that will be used each year at its first meeting in the fall. There is a collection of suggestions on different methods for conducting course evaluation. The size, duration, teaching methods, etc. of the courses will determine whether it is appropriate to carry out mid-term evaluation and/or final evaluation, and which form the evaluation should take. The course coordinator is responsible for the evaluation being carried out. The course evaluation should be summarized in a document to be made available to the students through the institutional learning platform.
  • Periodic evaluation of programmes of study
    Periodic evaluation of  programmes of study is a systematic review and discussion of various aspects of each individual study programme. The faculties are responsible for preparing a plan to carry out periodic evaluations of the faculty’s study portfolio. External representatives from working or social life, students and external experts who are relevant to the study programme shall contribute to the evaluations.
    • Periodic evaluations take place at intervals of a maximum of six years.
    • Between these evaluations, INN University management can also carry out other reviews of selected study programmes. These reviews can have different starting points, goals, and focus.
    • Reports in PDF format from the periodic evaluation of programmes of studies are available via the grey box above.

Other evaluations and surveys

  • Programme start survey
    A survey of all new students (not PhD candidates) regarding study programme information, recruitment, the application process, communication with INN University, start-up phase and expectations for the period of studies. Conducted by INN University in September each year.

Reports in PDF format of the programme start survey are available via the grey box above.

  • Studiebarometeret
    National annual survey for all 2nd and 5th year students. It is conducted by NOKUT in October each year, followed up by INN University, the faculties, and the study programmes in February.
  • Teacher survey
    A national survey conducted with a few years’ intervals for all teachers and researchers. Conducted by NOKUT and followed up by INN University, the faculties, and the various departments.
  • Graduate survey
    Surveys for graduated candidates. NIFU carries out these surveys, and INN University carries out its own.

Evaluations of special areas and activities 

  • Evaluations related to practical experiential learning, stay abroad, etc.
    INN University has special evaluation schemes for parts of the study programme, such as practical experiential learning and international exchange.
  • Internal or external delimited evaluations
    Individual measures that can be implemented at INN University’s initiative based on circumstances that come to light and require follow-up.

National examinations and evaluations

We also use other schemes from NOKUT in our local quality work, such as: