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The Education Committee

The Education Committee at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences is the university’s central committee for approving programme descriptions and quality assurance work related to fields of study.


The Education Committee

  • approves the university’s programme descriptions and establishes programmes of study under delegation, and in accordance with decisions concerning delegation
  • has a special responsibility for quality assurance work in the field of study through follow-up of the university’s quality assurance system
  • provides input to the institution’s report on educational quality and report on educational attainments
  • promotes quality of education in the university’s programmes of study
  • identifies pedagogical challenges at the university and initiates pedagogical development work
  • provides advice on further development of the international work related to the programmes of study
  • has a special focus on the relevance and competence of the programmes of study for use in working life and society

Composition of the Education Committee

Pro-Rector for Education (chair of the committee), deputy appointed by the Rector

Pro-dean for Education or person authorised by the dean:

  • Faculty of Social and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Inland School of Business and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies
  • The Norwegian Film School

Two student representatives with personal deputies, all appointed by the Students’ Union StINN

The Programme Director serves as the secretary

Summonses and protocols

Summonses and protocols can be found in P360 (The Archive System) on item 17/05528 (until 2018), item 19/01606 (2019), item 20/00277 (2020), item 21/00610 (2021). 


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