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Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences is a public university that reports to the Ministry of Education and Research. 


Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) receives a framework for its activities from the Ministry of Education and Research through an annual allocation letter and an annual board meeting. The majority of our income is allocated through the state budget.

The Board is our highest authoritative body and is primarily responsible for our activities. The Board has members who have been appointed by the Ministry and who have been elected by employees and students. 

The Board appoints the Rector who manages the day-to-day academic and administrative activities.

General management

The Rector manages the operation of the institution based on a mandate from the Board, and meets with the Board at board meetings approximately once a month. 

Three pro-rectors for education, research and public relations constitute the University Rectorate together with the Rector. They each head their own departments. 

The Rector’s management team consists of the pro-rectors and heads of the university’s faculties and administrative departments.

The Rector’s staff supports the work of the Rectorate and the management.

Academic activities


The University Administration consists of several departments that support and facilitate the academic activities. These are headed by department directors.

Department of Digitalisation and Infrastructure 

The Department of Digitalisation and Infrastructure has overall professional responsibility for common functions within digitalisation, campus development, operation and management of buildings, properties and campuses, IT infrastructure, IT security, documentation and information management and civil protection and emergency preparedness.

Department of Education

The Department of Education has the overall professional responsibility for quality of education, student administrative services and systems, higher educational development work and student democracy. The Department of Education has professional responsibility for educational administration at the university and for the further development of the university’s portfolio of studies.

Department of Finance 

The Department of Finance has the overall professional responsibility for the university’s financial management, accounting and procurement, both within grant-financed activities and externally funded activities. In addition, the Department of Finance has a coordinating responsibility for corporate governance across all units at the university.

Department of Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources has the overall responsibility for the strategic administration and management of the organisation, and provides organisational and management support to all levels of the organisation within employer strategy and policy, HSE and working environment, management and employee development, organisational development, internationalisation and mobility, party collaboration and co-determination, and personnel management and payroll.

Department of Public Relations 

The Department of Public Relations has the overall professional responsibility for the university’s communication, public relations, student recruitment and marketing.

Department of Research 

The Department of Research has the overall professional responsibility for quality in research, administrative research services and systems, and development work. The department is professionally responsible for the administrative research management and further development of all research activity that takes place at the university.