Department of Organisation, Leadership and Management

The Department of Organisation, Leadership and Management offers programmes of study in a number of subject areas at master and bachelor levels, divided between the Lillehammer and Rena campuses.

In addition, full-time/part-time session-based and online programmes of study are offered that are popular with those who wish to study while working. 

Subject areas such as leadership, management, emergency preparedness, crisis management and international studies are taught by employees from our department. 

We have approximately 1650 students on our grant-funded programmes of study, and the department also contributes to several externally funded programmes. 

The department has approximately 90 employees divided between the campuses at Rena and Lillehammer. The department’s employees have broad practical and academic backgrounds, and our goal is to work closely with students so that each individual student experiences good academic progression in their programme of study. 

The department’s research community is involved in a wide range of academic activities that reflect the different subject areas found at the department. 


Jens Petter Madsbu is The Head of Department.