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Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies

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Get to know the faculty 

We are often abbreviated to AMEK, and are located at Lillehammer and Hamar

Dean Hege Michelsen is the academic director of the faculty. 

Head of Administration is Morten Bakken. 


553 students
74 employees

The Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies (AMEK) offers practice-oriented programmes of study in TV production, augmented and virtual reality, animation and game technology, as well as academic studies in film and television science. 

The faculty offers bachelor programmes in Animation and Digital Art, Game Technology and Simulation, TV Directing, TV Management and TV Technical Functions. 

The faculty offers a one-year programme in Audiovisual Media, and a 1-year programme of further education in Augmented and Virtual Reality. We also offer part-time studies in Film Music Composition. 

The faculty has a high level of expertise in audiovisual media. We work closely and collaborate well with the TV, gaming and film industries. Our employees conduct research, artistic development work and other development activities within the fields of audiovisual production and creative technology. 

Departments at AMEK

Research at AMEK

The faculty has a broad research portfolio, which includes projects within the fields of research and development (R&D) and artistic development (AD). The research ranges from pure academic research in the humanities, to artistic production and technological innovation. A common thread running through all the research activities is a focus on the development, application and analysis of media products and technological systems. 

Research areas: 

  • Documentary film production, TV formats, digital art and animation 
  • Serious games, gamification, systems thinking and audience studies 
  • The media industry and production studies, storytelling, game aesthetics, TV and film history 



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Dean Hege Michelsen 

Vice-Dean Education Jan Rudi Johansen 

Vice-Dean Research Audun Engelstad 

Head of Administration Morten Bakken 


Student administration at AMEK 

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