Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management

The Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management is located at Evenstad in the middle of Østerdalen valley. The department has approximately 70 employees and over 200 students. 

Forrest and mountains

At any given time, approximately 15-20 percent of our students are international students. There is a lot of research and development activity at the department, and approximately 50 percent of our activities are externally funded. Most lecturers are active researchers, and students are welcome to participate in our research projects. Students are invited to join research groups when they start their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral theses together with other students and other researchers. 

We conduct research across the entire breadth of applied ecology, including wildlife management and forestry. It is also possible to carry out bachelor’s theses in the form of business plans or other types of development projects. In 2017, 6 companies were started based on ideas that our students developed during their studies. 

Programmes of study:


Halgrim Breie is Head of Department.