Department of Agricultural Sciences

The Department of Agricultural Sciences is located at Blæstad, just outside Hamar. Blæstad campus offers programmes in agricultural engineering, agronomy and organic farming.

In a Nordic context, both agricultural engineering and organic farming are unique studies. Organic farming is a one-year programme that runs over the course of two years and is online so that it is convenient for everyone, including those in a job situation. 

Agricultural engineering, agronomy and agriculture take place on campus and a high level of attendance is expected of students. There are approximately 15 employees and 150 students on campus. 

The university facilities at Blæstad are located in an academic cluster together with other agricultural actors (www.blæ Our students are attractive in the job market, and together with our employees they help to develop new equipment and methods for use in agriculture. 

Programmes of study:


Morten Tofastrud is Head of Department.