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Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology

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Our faculty is located at Hamar, Blæstad and Evenstad

Maria Hörnell Willebrand is the Dean. 

Ragnhild Østerhagen is Head of Administration. 


578 students
116 employees

The Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology (ALB) offers programmes of study in the sustainable use of agricultural, forestry and uncultivated areas, as well as products and services that are further developed from biological material. 

Our research on applied ecology, agricultural sciences and biotechnology is closely related to our programmes of study and is based on sustainable production, use and management of biological resources such as game, fish, forests, culturally significant plants and livestock; as well as products and services developed from biological material. 

Similarly, we focus a lot on innovation for sustainable and responsible business activities in our disciplines. 

Internationalisation is an important area of priority for the faculty, and we run international networks to raise the quality of our bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees ( and Our programmes of study and research hold a high international standard, even though many of the issues we work on are regional. Similarly, we work with international issues at a regional level. 



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Dean Maria Hörnell Willebrand 

Vice-dean of Education Eliana Bontti 

Vice-dean for Research Øyvind Antonsen 

Head of Administration Ragnhild Østerhagen 

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