Teaching and learning environments

Here, students can speak up if they feel that something needs to be improved in relation to the University’s teaching and learning environment and if they feel that enquiries through other ordinary channels are not working. 

The best approach is to use the University’s ordinary channels if you experience shortcomings in connection with the teaching and learning environment.

  • Feel free to raise the matter via your class representative.
  • You can also raise the matter directly with your teacher, course coordinator, the student administration or study programme coordinator. We also recommend completing the course evaluations and other surveys.
  • The University’s student ombudsman can assist you by way of advice and assistance with your study situation.  

Speak Up messages

Speak Up messages are the way to go when ordinary channels fail.

A Speak Up message about the teaching and learning environment can relate to anything from the timetable, implementation of teaching, the learning environment, universal facilitation or something else that affects organised teaching activities at the University. 

Speak Up messages about the teaching and learning environment are sent directly to the mail reception and will be forwarded to the management team at your faculty.

In order for us to work purposefully on your Speak Up message, it is not possible to submit an anonymous message. We may get in touch with you to obtain detailed information and we will let you know how we are managing your Speak Up message.

Your message will always be treated confidentially and you can rest assured that neither your message nor your identity will be disclosed to any third parties without your consent. 

Speak Up here 

Published Dec. 6, 2021 3:26 PM - Last modified Dec. 13, 2021 11:48 AM