About invoices

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences requires all our suppliers to use EHF invoice specification. 

From 1 April 2019, it is compulsory for suppliers of goods and services that send electronic invoices or credit notes to public enterprises to do so using  EHF version 3.0. 

Our electronic address is the organisation number 918108467. You can also find it by searching in ELMA (Electronic Recipient Registry)

It is a prerequisite that you as a supplier, or via other partners, can submit an EHF invoice. In order to submit this, you must have a financial system that can send and process invoices in EHF format. In addition, an agreement must be entered into with an access point, i.e. a company that provides electronic invoices in EHF format. 

If you only produce a few invoices, the online invoice portal is an alternative. Invoice portals are a simple solution where suppliers create their invoices online and send them to us via an access point. Some banks also offer services where one can produce EHF invoices using the online bank. 

For more information about the different digital channels: 


Companies/organisations registered as EHF recipients in the ELMA registry will receive an EHF invoice. 

 Read more about EHF at Digdir: 

About EHF 


Invoice as an e-mail attachment 

If you wish to receive an invoice as an e-mail attachment, you must inform us of this and ensure you are registered with a valid e-mail address in the INN University customer registry. It is important that you check spam filters and junk mail because invoices may end up there. 

If you get a new e-mail address, please send a message to regnskap@inn.no so that we can update this. If no written notification of this is given and the invoice is sent to an invalid e-mail address, the customer is responsible for accrued interest/fees. 


Published Nov. 30, 2021 11:45 AM - Last modified Nov. 30, 2021 11:45 AM