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Blæstad campus

Welcome to Blæstad! Blæstad campus has a long tradition of agricultural education, with roots dating back to 1923. The campus was granted university college status in 1989, and since then has been teaching agricultural engineering and agronomy. 

 Photograph of the campus at Blæstad

Rural Blæstad

The campus is ideally located on a farm, eight kilometres outside Hamar city centre. With 330 students and plenty of available space, this is the perfect place to study agriculture. 

335 Students
4 Study programmes
1 Faculty

Studying at Blæstad 

Blæstad Campus on Facebook 

There is a dedicated group for those who want to keep track of local information from Blæstad Campus. 

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Health services and counselling 

The Inland Norway Student Welfare Organisation (SINN) has conversational therapists, psychologists, student chaplains and student coordinators who can provide students with help. These are low-threshold services and you don’t have to be ill to get in touch. 

Read more about SINN’s health and counselling services 

Student organisations and leisure activities 

When you pay the semester fee at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, you become part of the Inland Norway Students’ Union (StInn). StInn works proactively for students’ rights, especially with regard to INN University, the Inland Norway Student Welfare Organisation (SINN), and the authorities. 

Read more about StInn 

Each campus offers different leisure activities that are available to all students. New students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with what is on offer in the local community; see information on message boards and talk to your assigned buddy when you start your studies. 

See also the Inland Norway Student Community website 

Student accommodation 

The Inland Norway Student Welfare Organisation (SINN) offers student accommodation at Blæstad. SINN does not require a deposit, offers student-friendly rates and requires only two months’ notice. 

Read more about student accommodation at SINN 

In addition, accommodation can be found on the private market, both in private bedsits and single rooms/flats. 


There are several municipal kindergartens in Hamar. Applications for kindergarten places must be submitted to the municipality.  

Read more on the Hamar Municipality website