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xxx10 Financing Innovative Ventures



Upon completion of the course, the student can: 

  • explain the guiding principles for financial decision making for new ventures, 
  • review the important elements of financing innovative start-ups and small businesses, 
  • describe the most important sources in the financing of new ventures, 
  • describe the basic principles of new venture valuation, 
  • discuss how to develop an integrated innovative business strategy and account for uncertainty and dynamic aspects and 
  • demonstrate the influences of risk and uncertainty on new venture success and investment performance. 


Upon completion of the course, the student can: 

  • forecast revenues for a new venture and, subsequently, cash flows from operations, 
  • use simulation in business planning under uncertainty, 
  • use decision trees and analyze real options in strategic planning, 
  • estimate how much money a venture needs and at what point in time and 
  • value a new venture using several approaches and identify the pros and cons of each. 

General competence 

Upon completion of the course, the student can: 

  • advise and assist start-ups and small businesses that play a key role in innovation and 
  • compose plans for funding and strategies for entrepreneurs.


The following topics are covered. 

  • New venture financing 
  • Venture capital 
  • New venture strategy and real options 
  • Developing business strategy using simulation 
  • Methods of financial forecasting 
  • Assessing financial needs 
  • Foundations of new venture valuation 
  • Valuation in practice

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The following teaching methods are used. 

  • Lectures 
  • Seminars that also include student presentations and discussions. Each student will be required to give at least one seminar presentation. 
  • Self-study

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

  • Students must pass three out of four mandatory course requirements to be allowed to take the exam. 
  • 50% attendance in classes is required.


  • 48-hour individual home exam.

Tillatte hjelpemidler til eksamen

  • All resources.