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2BIO021 Bioethics


Learning outcomes

A student having completed the course have the following learning outcomes:



The Student

  • has knowledge of ethic subjects
  • has knowledge of consequence and risk assessment as well as ethical argumentation 
  • has knowledge of legislation in this area and the major parties and authorities to which the researchers must relate


The Student 

  • can identify ethical challenges
  • can analyze and critically reflect on problems involving animal ethics as well as environmental ethics as related to biotechnological products, and to see them in a larger scientific context 



  • Ethics and ethical assessments
  • Risk assessment, legislation as to patenting laws in various countries
  • The Biotechnology Act and acts concerning the use of animals in research. 
  • Ethical, environmental, legal and social aspects of modern biotechnology
  • Research-based knowledge in the field
  • Legislation in the field of biotechnology, and information about which relevant major parties and authorities to which researchers must relate

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Organization and Methods of Instruction

  • Lectures
  • Ethical discussions, individual and in groups
  • Term assignments. Synopses of these assignments are presented by students in short lectures to the instructors and the remaining students

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Requirements necessary to take the exam

Presence at 80% of scheduled classes




  • written individual 3-day home exam

The grading system is based on the letters from A-F, where E is the minimum passing grade

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