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2BIO203 Master`s Degree Thesis in Commercial Biotechnology


Learning outcomes

A student having completed the course have the following learning outcomes:


The Student

  • has advanced knowledge in biotechnology and biobusiness according to scientific standards
  • has advanced knowledge in biotechnological and biobusiness subjects to conceive and complete a piece of original research


The Student

  • can analyze and work indenpendently on practical and theoretical problems in the field of biotechnological biobusiness

General competence:

The Student

  • can analyze relevant academic, professional and research  biotechnology and biobusiness topics
  • can apply his/her knowledge and skills in commercial projects
  • can communicate independent work within the academic field of biotechnology and biobusiness



The objective of a specialisation in the commercialisation of biotechnology is to produce students with an academic and technical background in biotechnology and bioeconomy who are also well trained in evaluating the commercial potential for applying this knowledge. The study programme is designed to meet the expressed demand in industry for people with a strong background in biotechnology who also have expertise from other areas related to the commercial application of this knowledge, such as business administration, complementing Research and Development (R&D) strategies, innovation, business plan development, legislation, regulation and IPR. Students enrolled in this specialisation develop skills and expertise required for the development of different types of enterprises in the biotechnology sector.

The Master’s thesis in the Commercialisation of Biotechnology may be based on an assessment of a selected enterprise’s current status with respect to R&D and commercialisation. These may be fully established enterprises already marketing finished products, or newly started enterprises ready to design a complete strategy from development to commercialisation. The thesis can, among other things, involve the evaluation of business concepts, product ideas, IPR and marketing strategies, with the goal of establishing a new company, or expanding production in an existing one. A project of this kind usually goes through several phases from idea to profitable operation. The Master’s thesis in Commercialisation of Biotechnology may therefore consist of one or more of the following elements:

  • developing a business plan based on commercialisation of an existing product idea arising from biotechnological research
  • developing/examining protective IPR strategies for a certain given product
  • developing a marketing plan for bioproducts or services
  • developing a business strategy or do market evaluation

The thesis may be completed as part of an internship at the enterprise in question, or at a company with a profile related to the proposed business concept. The Heidner business cluster harbours many biotechnology companies and organisations where a Master’s thesis of this kind is most relevant. Many of these companies are located in the inland of Norway and the cluster centre is in Hamar. 

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Organization and Methods of Instruction

Written thesis based on traditional scientific methods, included literature study, hypothesis testing using commercial experiments.

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Requirements necessary to take the exam

A compulsory whole seminar attendance and 15 minute long presentation of the thesis in the beginning of the fourth semester seminar: project theme with status and so far results.





A single letter grade, based primarily on the individual written thesis. Grade may be subject to a minor adjustment based on the oral presentation and subsequent oral exam

The grading system is based on the letters from A-F, where E is the minimum passing grade

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