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2BIO065 Entrepreneurship


Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have achieved the following learning outcomes:


The Student

  • has advanced knowledge of entrepreneurship and will have insight in what it takes to build a new business


The Student

  • can plan how to go from a business idea to a business plan
  • can use right timing to get the optimal people to present the business to get funding of the company

General competence:

The Student

  • can plan how to set up a novel business and start a company






This course will cover all topics related to starting a new business. The course is built on extensive international research in this field. To become en entrepreneur follows the same rules around the world, and is relevant for students who want to set up their own company in their home country. The course is meant to be practical training and the students will sit in with a start-up company in the incubator. In addition, there will be visits to companies and guest lectures in addition to the ordinary teaching. The student will write a business case assignment with a company, and learn how to work in an entrepreneurial team.


Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Organization and Methods of Instruction

The course is delivered as weekly lectures combined with case studies, sit in with a start-up company in the incubator and visits to companies. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and in business discussions in the the companies.

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Requirements necessary to take the exam

  • business case assignment, of at least 30 pages, with the incubator start-up company
  • minimum of 80% presence in scheduled classes



  • individual oral exam

The grading system is based on the letters from A-F, where E is the minimum passing grade

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