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2BIO064 Methods in biobusiness


Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have achieved the following learning outcomes:


The Student

  • has thorough knowledge in different methods that is used for research and evaluation in biobusiness
  • can analyse the difference between qualitiative and quantitative analysis, and different methods to collect data (online/personal surveys, interviews, shadowing etc.)


The Student

  • can select relevant methods for his/hers master thesis
  • can discuss prosesses and consequences of using the different methods
  • is able to design experiments including select appropriate methods and respondent inclusion criteria
  • can calculate the number of necessary datapoints to obtain statistic significance in the sampling plan

General competence:

The Student

  • can select and use relevant methods for biobusiness analysis, and to participate in business plan preparation and strategy discussions
  • can calculate the number of necessary datapoints to obtain statistic significance in the sampling plan
  • can analyse and present data using relevant Methods and software



This course provides an introduction to the steps of the research process and examines some of the concepts and techniques of management research that support decision making (including methods for presenting and analyzing data). The differences between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies are considered together with an overview of grounded theory. There will also be considerable emphasis on survey research. The course is structured so that students will learn how to create a research proposal and how to design, conduct, and evaluate research studies. The course is highy relevant for conducting a commerical master theis and for future work within biobusiness.

Methods for biobusiness analysis:

  • How to find out if there is a market for a new product or service
  • How to evaluate the customers true opinion about our products and services
  • How to set up a hypothesis and test this in business lab Experiments to get reliable answers


Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Organization and Methods of Instruction

The course is delivered as weekly lectures combined with case studies. Students are expected to participate in class discussions. 


Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Requirements necessary to take the exam

  • two business case assignments during the semester
  • minimum of 80% presence in scheduled classes



  • individual oral exam

The grading system is based on the letters from A-F, where E is the minimum passing grade

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