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BUK4003 Methodological Approaches in Research about Child and Youth Participation and Competence Development


Learning outcomes:

After having completed the course, the course participants shall have acquired knowledge about and critical reflective insights into methodological and ethical questions in research with children and young people in and across different social practices and contexts in contemporary society.

After having completed the course, the course participants shall have acquired these academic skills:

  • Analyzing and critically comparing different methodological approaches and research designs in research with children and youth
  • Relating methodological approaches to research with children´s and young people´s participation and competence development in his/her own doctoral thesis work.


Course content:

The course addresses methodological questions and key concepts in the fields of child and youth participation and competence development and socialization.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Teaching and working methods:

  1. Active participation in lectures, seminars and plenary discussions
  2. Writing a scientific essay (about 10 pages) explicitly addressing methodological and/or ethical questions in research about Child and Youth. Guidelines for the essay are given in appendix.

Quality monitoring

During the course there will be a continuous dialogue on learning processes and achievement of objectives. The students will give a written evaluation at the end of the course, supplied by a joint discussion between teachers and student.

Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

Work requirements, evaluation and approval:

To be approved the student must:

  • Actively participate in all lectures, seminars and plenary discussions according to the course program. The course coordinator can in some special cases make exceptions to the presence requirement.
  • Submit a scientific essay within one (1) month after the last course day. If the essay is not approved, the student can submit a revised version within 1 month after the evaluation of the first version.


The categories “pass” or “fail” are used in the final evaluation of the student´s participation and achievement during the course.