The Nightingale Conference 2022

Welcome to The Nightingales 11th Internationale Conference 24-25 February 2022 in Lillehammer, Norway. The topic for the conference is Reflect, re-think, and re-story in supervision.

Picture of Lillehammer City by night
Foto: Kjetil Rolseth


The supervision in the Nightingale gives mentors the possibility to reflect upon their own experiences, create new narratives and a get a better understanding of others perspective. New narrative which in best will not tolerate injustice – opposite the perspective that demand harder punishment, feel frustration - which often grow in fear and when people do not meet or reflect.  You can almost say the Nightingale is the peace-project we need today, especially when fundamental movements and nationalism are spreading and when intolerance and xenophobia are creating invisible walls preventing people from taking part in society.

At this network meeting we will discuss how supervision can help the mentors to create new narratives and a better understanding of their own action so that mentoring will not only become learning by doing but also learning by reflective doing. Supervision is one way to put words on one’s own experiences and reflect upon them, and as Dewey once said we do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.

The mentoring programme Nightingale runs at eight Universities and University Colleges in Norway and it is supported by the Directorate of Children, Youth and Families (Bufdir).    

The Nightingale Program is part of an international network. Please visit The Nightingale Network`s website.


Venue and accommodation:

Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer, Lillehammer.

Single room NOK 1060
Double room NOK 1260

Prices includes breakfast and evening supper.

Last possible booking date is 18th January 2022. After this date you have to  check directly with the hotel if there is a room available and price range. If the hotel is fully booked after 18th of January you will have to look for  alternative accommodation.

The period  21st  to 25th  of February 2022 is winter holiday time and hotels can be fully booked. You should book as early as possible to secure you accommodation.

Room reservation can be made when you register for the seminar. Hotel is to be paid directly upon departure. Seminiar fee is to be paid  by credit card when you reserve a place at the seminar.

Last possible booking for attendance at the seminar is 18th of Januar 2022.

The booking for the seminar includes a dinner  23rd February  at the venue “Kulturehuset Banken” which is located in central Lillehammer.



Before 18th of January: Geir Haugsdal, Project Manager EFV-HSV tel 47 - 90568122

After 18th of January , Liv Roland, administrator, The Nightingale Menoring Network, Lillehammer  Liv.Randi.  tel 47- 61288134/91594606




Wednesday 23 th. of February: 

Meet at a local Lillehammer pub/coffeehouse for chat and drinks.

The conference is held in Festsalen (1G203) at the Innland University, Vormstuguvegen 2 on both Thuesday and Friday.


Thursday 24 th. of February:

09:30: Registration and coffee 

10:00: Welcome and Board information, new board – new conference/network meeting

Dean Faculty of Social and Health Sciences

Carina Sild Lønroth, Manager of the Nightingale international mentoring Network

10:30 - 11: 00: Project “Cultural Heart» Carol Kvande and Janne Aasebø Johnsen

11:00 - 11:30: Partners presentations – good examples to share:

Intercultural exchange across borders – Introducing the concept of IRIS (Intercultural Reflective Interactive Space) - Peter  Stammerjohan and Tamina Kappeler

11:30 - 13:00: Workshop/group discussion - experience exchange

13:00 - 14:00: Lunch and continue group discussions Cafeteria at Høgskolen

14:00 - 15:00: Keynote speaker Sunil Loona: Structures, Cultures and Biographies - a conceptual framework for understanding difficulties minority students face in their daily lives

15:00 - 16.00:Coffee brake and plenum discussion

19:00: Dinner at Kulturhuset Banken

"Kulturhjerte" – cultural performance

The buss will bring us from the Innland University to the center of the city – within walking distance to the hotels and the Kulturhuset Banken


Friday 25. th of February:

9:00 - 9.30: Partners presentations – good examples to share:

Individual and collective dynamics of student-centered supervision.

Gaining experiences as a mentor through the connection of sensory-aesthetic perception and (self-)reflective practices, Peter  Stammerjohan, Freie Universität Berlin

How to increase self-understanding and awareness through the use of creative methods and activities in mentorship, Elisabeth Arnesen, Oslo met

09:30 - 13:00: Workshops -experience exchange

13:00 - 14:00: Luch from the cafeteria at Høgskolen

14:00 - 15:00: Summarizing/evaluation – how to continue to work with supervision


Portrettfoto av hovedtaler Sunil LoonaOn this network meeting we will have the great honour to listen to the key note speaker
Sunil Loona who is a trained psychologist, with post-graduate degrees in psychology from both India and Norway. He has extensive experience in working with minority students.

Sunil Loona is founder member of the Anti-Racist Center in Oslo. As a researcher he has written several academic articles on various topics related to minority issues.

His perspective is a class, structural racism and poverty.

We will discuss and listen to partners experiences of supervision, from different perspective: 
•    The supervisors 
What is happening in supervision? (New narratives by reflection, rethinking and re-storying) Taking the perspectives of others; the child’s and the caregivers. Improving self-knowledge, self-reflection, and a better self-efficacy.
The learning process. The reflective practitioner (Kolb and Donald Schon) 

•    The mentors
What problems do mentors struggle? What are their experiences? 
What do they highlight in their diaries, reflection notes and monthly reports?  
What are they thinking between the meetings and what do they point out at the end of the mentoring period?

•    The practitioner–four different examples of supervisions 

1.    Intercultural exchange across borders – Introducing the concept of IRIS (Intercultural Reflective Interactive Space) 
The presentation introduces the concept of IRIS (Intercultural Reflective Interactive Space) and the experiences of the first pilot run. The concepts behind the four letters will be outlined as pillars of the concept. A short report of the first pilot run, which took place between mentors of the Nightingale at PH Zug and FU Berlin, first findings are presented and possibilities for an extension to other partners of the International Nightingale Network are discussed.This will be the first introduction of the concept of IRIS (Intercultural Reflective Interactive Space) 

2.    Narratives by experiences 
In this research project you will hear more about how students and mentors wrote stories from their own experiences in meetings with other. The stories were written in a I-perspective, read in the seminars, and discussed. Next time student and mentors had to write the same stories again, but now from another perspective – a method inspired by “stories to live by” (Clandinin and Connelly.)  

3.    Individual and collective dynamics of student-centred supervision
Gaining experiences as a mentor through the connection of sensory-aesthetic perception and (self-reflective practices)

4.    How to increase self-understanding and awareness through the use of creative methods and activities in mentorship

Practical information


Oslo Airport Gardermoen (link)

Train to Lillehammer from Gardermoen goes every hour and takes about 2 hours. 
You can take train direct from the airport to Lillehammer railway station (Lillehammer skyss-stasjon).
All the accomodations are in walking distance. 

Høgskolen i Innlandet is situated 5 km from the city. You need to take the bus from Lillehammer Skysstasjon to the university. 

You can take taxi from Lillehammer Skyss stasjon. 


Admission fee is 1.750 NOK (180 EURO). This includes lunch, coffees, celebration and dinner in the evening the 24th. Drinks for dinner are not included.


About the "Cultural Heart":
is a local integration project and is a place where everybody should feel a belonging, and a place where they are listened to. A place where children and young people can share their own history, their talents, their language, and their culture. We are children and young people from many different countries and during the schoolyear we will present various performances by the assistance of professional artists.

Carol Kvande is a professional singer, actor, music teacher and director. She comes from South Africa and is a permanent director for ‘Cultural Heart. Janne Aasebø Johnsen is a teacher, author, dramatist, and publisher. She comes from Norway and is a permanent writer for ‘Cultural Heart’. Both live in Lillehammer.

Read more about "Cultural Heart" here (link)



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